American made LEDs for Home, Business & Industry
  • Rustproof vandal resistant LEDsDesigned for Rough Service
  • Round opal white poly ceiling luminaireInside/Outside Decorative Circular Fixture
  • Rustproof vandal resistant LEDsAutomatically Engages/Recharges on Power Outages
  • Rustproof vandal resistant LEDsBuilt to Withstand Vandalism & Environmental Abuse
  • Rustproof vandal resistant LEDsDesigned for Extreme Environments
  • Rustproof vandal resistant LEDsIdeal for Wet Locations: Pier Lighting, Cold Storage, Lake Houses
  • Rustproof vandal resistant LEDsStandard / Heavy-duty Models       Battery Backup Available
  • Rustproof vandal resistant LEDsSpecializing in Energy Efficient LED Lighting
  • Rustproof vandal resistant LEDsOperates in Temperatures Down to -40'C to 50'C
  • Rustproof vandal resistant LEDsRetrofit LEDS Have 5 Yr Warranty

     Heavy duty worklights designed for marine repair, shipbuilding and boatyards.
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Heavy duty worklights designed for marine repair, shipbuilding and boatyards.


W.F. Harris Lighting has been a leader in designing and manufacturing industrial and commercial grade luminaires for tough environments for over 50 years.

Now specializing in LED (Light Emitting Diode) and other modern energy efficient luminaires, W.F. Harris Lighting provides:

  • Rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant wharf, pier and environmentally friendly luminaires for coastal communities and beach houses
  • Heavy-duty impact-resistant worklights for shipbuilding and marine repair, maintenance and conversion boatyards
  • High and low bay luminaires for freezer warehouses, cold storage units and production facilities
  • Wall packs and ceiling fixtures with design continuity for emergency and non-emergency applications
Located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA, near Charlotte, North Carolina, the W.F. Harris Lighting distribution network provides high quality sales and customer service through the United State, Canada, and other international markets.

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LED Commerical Lighting for Tough Environments by W.F.Harris Lighting


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